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Default The DQ Facebook page

To clarify it Jim, I started that Facebook page, not Dale. The reason I placed it on Facebook is because that is where the posters/contributors are - even Dale now! And you can see how much he has posted already of the pre 70s DQ days in Cincinnati, something which I treasure reading because that was not part of my DQ experience. Finding something past on Facebook IS a pain. Org. is so much better for archiving and researching past topics, but there are two major drawbacks here: 1)only 3 pictures per posting are allowed, and if you've posted a picture even years ago on another topic, you can't repost it now. 2) the readership is on Facebook, not here on .org. Look how few responses we get when we post now! Yes, there are lurkers out there, but that number is dwindling too. Franz and Carmen have provided us with a fantastic repository over the years here, but they do not have the financial capabilities of Zuckerberg or whatever the Facebook guy's name is, and thus the limitations here. I'll gladly start that topic here - so post away!
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