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Thanks for getting this posted so quickly on here Judy. I'm not sure I agree with some of your comments though. ALL of the owners of the Delta Queen have and continue to work very hard on the exemption effort. As with any legislative action, there are many moving parts and variables that can impact whether a bill moves and gets voted on or not, many of these are completely unrelated; such as larger more pressing issues being voted on, or major bills bringing the government to a screeching halt...which did in fact happen at the end of the last session when the coal miners pension bill came up.

The fact that we have a bill in the Senate within the first 7 days of the new 115th Congress, and the Delta Queen's bill is one of the first 100 bills introduced following a major election upset and total power shift in the branches of government is a huge deal! That is a testament to the amount of work the owners have done over the last year in working with our elected officials to make the Delta Queen's exemption a priority. In fact if you check you'll see this is the second bill Claire McCaskill introduced when she returned to office.

All fans of the Delta Queen owe a great debt of gratitude to Senator McCaskill especially, as well as the other Senators who co-sponsored this new bill with her, Blunt (MO), Brown (OH), Portman (OH), Boozeman (AR), Cotton (AR), and Cassidy (LA). Senator McCaskill sees the value of the Delta Queen to her state and the country in the jobs created, and the significance in preserving an irreplaceable piece of American fabric. Whether in the public eye or not, the work to protect and preserve the Delta Queen has soldiered on quietly for the last 8 years by many dedicated people who don't do this for the recognition or praise (or a paycheck either!), and I suspect it will continue that way until we see her steaming up the Big Muddy again.

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The Senators from Missouri and Ohio are cosponsoring SB 89, which is the same format that passed the House last year. Check out the Facebook Save the DQ page for the article from the St. Louis paper. Hopefully now with the big wedding out of the way, the major owner will be able to pitch in to this effort with the energy and dedication that JoAnn, Phillip, the Ingrams, and others have shown over these years. No BS about behind the scenes stuff, please. If that were the case last year, it would have been done. Rally the troops, and the Generals, this year!
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