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Default Last post, some interior views

On the DQ post there was a question regarding boat decorations.

The AQ was decked out with lots of green garlands, many wreathes and Christmas Trees. To get folks in the spirit, the AQ supplied a batch of materials for making ornaments and door decorations. During Saturday's evening "Sock Hop" prizes were awarded for best door and ornament. A special tree (photo) was set aside for designers and artists to display their work.

The last stop was Oak Alley, where it rained hard and very cold most of the day, a good time for bingo, catching up with reading, and packing for the early Monday departure.

Overall a great trip, a bit colder than I had anticipated. The only problem (other than internet that blocked our Comcast email server) was that there were no "problems". Everything went smooth, on time, so no stories to tell during future trips.

One last note: The traditional Steamboatin Society meeting was held , and the two winners of the most trips (which this time included earlier trips on the DQ and other boats) was 18 and 20. Finally, we beat Ms. Ruth!, but only because she was not on board this time. Kind of weird not to have steamboaters on board with 60-80 trips.
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