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Default A few more photos and notes

A half day stop in Greenville allowed us to take a ride on their restored Carousel and observe the large number of closed shops in town.

The next stop was Vicksburg, the town where their Transportation Museum Curator had all the wrong facts about the DQ (refer to the DQ threads).

Then it was off to Natchez. We were just barely ahead of the big mid western cold front, so gloves and hats were the norm. At Nachez the AQ organized a Christmas Market in front of Rosalie Mansion.

At Natchez we took the premium tour to Ragina's house for a light lunch. Photos show her signature biscuits ready for baking. Also seen is perhaps the last time she will be taking off her AQ apron, as Ragina announced that she will no longer have boat tours of the house.

Then it was off to Nottoway, were the landing featured bonfire "tepees" ready to be lit for that night.
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