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Default Report from onboard the AQ (well, after the trip)

Just a few notes and some photos from the recent Memphis to New Orleans Christmas Markets trip.

1. Nothing really went wrong on our trip. The northbound trip, however, was reported to have issues at Nottoway where about 300 guests had to wait several hours for their off-boat dinner. Apparently the Nottoway staffed their facility with only 5 people to serve 300, while during our trip the AQ staff went over and really showed them how to do it. A very good job indeed.

2. Due to very low water the AQ used the landing about 2 miles north of the Pyramid on Mud Island. A minor one hour delay in departing Memphis due to having to wait for the water to be topped off. Apparently the fire hydrant used to refill the boat was dry (lucky for all those fancy homes on North Mud Island that there was no fire to test out a dry hydrant).

I was a bit surprised that with all the money Memphis spent on building that spiral dock they did not design it for very low water levels. The river was a +5 for our landing, the previous week it was a -3.

Attached a few photos from our departure out of Memphis, including Phil playing the Calliope.
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