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Default *Shawn Dake's great DQ web site*

Morning, steamboating colleagues:
While tooling around here RE: the Sacramento River channelization/deep water port web, I found one terrific web site done by Shawn Dake, writer, photographer, travel executive under 'MaritimeMatters' October 12, 2007 done on a DELTA QUEEN Mississippi River cruise. Some of you may know of Shawn and his work--but all new to me. His commentary with a long thread of probably the best DELTA QUEEN exterior, interior, crew, scenery photos yet. Shawn also a member of SSHSA along with serving as a commentator on the old liner QUEEN MARY in Long Beach. His photos on the thread just what people love showing scenes often ignored. His photo work classic. I even saw a great photo of Travis Vasconcelos and other officers/crew some of you may know included. I strongly suggest you try to type on your search engine to call up. Here's the link I found and 'hope' it opens for those interested. Try this: MaritimeMatters: Cruise and Maritime News

Don't know how it may come up for you but his article/photos named: 'Log of the DELTA QUEEN, Oct. 12, 2007.' So, good luck and have a go.

R. Dale Flick
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