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Default Some misinformation at Vicksburg Transp Museum

We are on the AQ's Christmas Market trip, with a stop today at Vicksburg. (side far a real lack of Christmas markets,but that is not the issue here). We went through the Transportation Museum wearing our DQ sweatshirts, and the the Museum Curator spotted them and proceeded to announce why the DQ will never travel again He emphatically stated it has a wooden hull, and even though they already have the exemption, (yes, he firmly stated the exemption has passed Congress earlier this year in April) the real problem is money. Without more money they can't fix the wooden hull and that the coast guard will never let it sail with a wooden hull. We tried a bit to get some proper information out to him, but he would not have any of that. He even stated that several others had argued with him before on these issues and they were dead wrong.

The only real problem I have with this is that others may actually listen to him and believe the wooden hull and "exemption has passed" issues. 'These days the more you repeat a lie the more likely people will believe it.

Oh well, back on the boat tonight.
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