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Laidly's coming to Louisville? Oh, my I don't want to be around here when he hears the rest of the story. Up in the coal fleet at Pumpkin Patch there were a couple of bad leakers so when the WASH GREY left to get the tiller line for the CINCINNATI, they had to get a crew in and raise steam on the FULTON to keep the syphons going. They want to charge us for that.
Also when the boat got in about 9:00 there wasn't a rouster left on the wharf. they'd laid around all day waiting for the boat until someone got a couple of jugs of wine. So we had to go up under the railroad trestle and get them up. They refused to work unless we paid them $.15 an hour rather than the usual dime. But we did get the boat out at 1:00 this morning, only about seven hours late.
Think I'll take tomorrow off if Laidly's going to be here.
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