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*Steamboat sales ads c. 1900*
Hi, Jim,
So, your DVD project is still progressing and, from what I saw in September's S&D meeting with the first, you are doing a fine job and I can't wait to see it. It certainly will add to the documentation for the Howard Steamboat Museum. Also your voice narration just right with a near Mark Twain or Will Rogers in tone and tenor.

As to "old advertisements for steamboats" you know to sleuth the microfilms at the big library and university down there pulling articles from the LOUISVILLE COURIER 'river section.' Those old river writers were great in their day with river/steamboat news a daily section people read. I'd also suggest contacting archives at WATERWAYS JOURNAL. Any thought as to the vast Howard archives up in Bloomington? How much have they catalogued there? Cincinnati Public Library here has mounted a river collection show also of steamboat records, freight bills etc. but don't know if it is still on for viewing. I'd phone their now 'Cincinnati Collection' housing former 'Rare Books/Inland River Collection.' I know here what I don't know.

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