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*Thanksgiving with Ellis Mace, Commodore Fred Laidley*
Steamboating colleagues:
Bob, no way we'd miss the annual Thanksgiving or Christmas steamboat story with Capt. Ellis Mace, Ole' Commodore Fred Laidley and even me the lowly 2nd Clerk aboard the Big Sandy Wharfboat. Remember, we've been working even today since early this morning unloading freight and passengers up from Louisville on the big CITY OF LOUISVILLE. Work never stops and the only day all the boats laid up is Saturday. Ellis and I got our heads buried in our ledger books here tabulating our IN and OUT freight and passengers receipts. More later. Stay tuned. YIKES! here comes Ole' Laidley now stomping up the office steps.

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.
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