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Default Yes it did.

The deal was done, but the CRI is still in drydock at Mike's. They have a shortage of workmen so it is dragging on - there weren't any surprises or huge problems, but they want to have all the hull work done up here so she doesn't have to be pulled out in NOLA again. Matt Dow is back in NOLA but will come back to ride her down to the NOLA harbor, whenever that will occur. She will be towed, as she was to Wood River. The only reason they are/were planning to have her at Lower Bienville was because the Industrial Lock has been closed for repairs. I haven't followed that to know if it has reopened, if so, they'll probably take the CRI right back into the place on Morrison Rd. where the NATCHEZ has her work done. But all is good with the sale and repairs, just a lack of manpower at Mike's right now.
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