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Default LOUISIANE Problems

While in London my travel agent forwarded to me the e-mail which she was sent by French America Line stating that the trip up the Red River in December which I had paid in full has been cancelled. They reported that during the second revenue trip there was a problem on board which ended up in two of the boat's decks flooding. The boat has been laid up since then and the required part for repairs has to be custom made. I have the option of cancelling and receive my full fare along with monies spent on air back. The other option which I did not take was to book on a cruise next year and get a one category upgrade and a $100.00 on board credit.

I am not at all satisfied with their offer, to say the least. I see some of the same sort of high handed management style that afflicted Majestic America Line, and I wonder if the fate of FAL will not mirror MAL! I spoke with a FAL rep today and asked for a phone call back from someone in authority, but I'm not holding my breath. In the mean time I hope that success will shortly come to FAL, but one certainly has one's doubts.
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