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Default re: The old river ain't what it used to be .....

Morning Bil and Dale and all,

"... the old boat landing at CONEY survives with the stone entry gate and all, but what condition is the old revetment dike and landing place behind? Hasn't that silted it and has the revetment been dug out or blasted out? .."

If my info is correct the "pool stage" of the river at Coney rose about eight feet with the advent of the big dams in the 1960's.

Bill, would have or should have or could have department note. CBS Sunday morning just ran a piece on B 29 "Doc" a junk target plane from China Lake CA that was saved and restored and flew again November 5 last. Videos available on line.

Everyone, keep the faith about the DQ.

Keep your steam up!

Russ Ryle
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