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*RE: Sacramento River Str. COLUMBIA*Steamboating colleagues:
Alan, your above appeal for information caught my attention here RE: "Str. COLUMBIA...Sacramento River etc." You mention coming up with "nada" and so did I. I yanked a scarce copy in my home library here titled 'PADDLE-WHEEL DAYS IN CALIFORNIA' by Jerry MacMullen, Stanford University Press, printings 1944/1945. I see no listing for any COLUMBIA in Appendix A under his 'Steamboats in California' or Appendix D under even 'Ferry Vessels.' Now, what additional information has been found or published since 1945 a good question. I met Jerry years ago on the DELTA QUEEN and he was no spring chicken then. He was a professional newspaperman and accomplished artist. In his Appendix on "Steamboat names that were changed" I see no COLUMBIA so listed 'before' or 'after' any name change. Later I'll also try to click up some maritime web sites I know. Years ago John Burns, son of old Jim Burns who built the DELTA KING & DELTA QUEEN quipped off-handed, "There's no real interest in river steamboats out here in California much like you all have back on the Ohio/Mississippi Rivers." Could be and if so, what's that tell you? True packet steamboating survived out in California longer than here. When the new fast interurban trains, bridges and highways were built that closed the door on packet/passenger river steamers.

I'd suggest you contact the Haggin Museum in Sacramento along with their historical society there for any lead. Much to all comes up, as you know, in internet research. No idea what the big maritime museum down in San Francisco has but worth a try. The biggest job in doing a paper, speech, article is getting the basic names and research right. After that it should flow like water when you begin to write. Hope this helps in some feeble way. Keep us posted. Again, what do I know?

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