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Well Dale you asked for it, your as bad as S &D's David T.

As to speed, the boats designer,Tom Dunbar, in his spec's stated the Cincinnati and Louisville must acheive the speed of 15 mph upstream and 20 mph downstream. The Cincinnati made those marks. The Island Queen with its huge superstructure and greatly added weight I would doubt. However Capt. Ben Pattison was qouted as to the Coney Island run as running easy and still making an honest 10 mph. Don't forget the IQ had really big engines, only exceeded by those on the Sprague.

Now Coney was only open Memorial Day through Labor Day, the IQ made 5 trips each day except Monday. Coney closed on Mondays and the IQ ran afternoon and evening charter trips.

Right after Labor Day the boat headed south, going as far as New Orleans till 1937, after '37 she only went as far as Memphis and always returned to Cincinnati to lay up.

Another thing seldom mentioned was the boat had full living quarters for her crew of 70.

I rode the boat many times as a youngster, after all I was only 12 when she went up in ball of flames. My Dad was a friend with Pattison, Doss and Denny and I met the all.
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