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*More 'Markland Dam' incident sources*
Morning, Steamboating colleagues:
Russ, glad you have your souces above. The University of Cincinnati study also interesting. I ruminated here thinking, possibly, you could contact the WATERWAYS JOURNAL in St. Louis for articles they featured at the time--and no doubt there were more than a few. That was one big event here for sure. The newspaper business has changed drastically. We once had the CINCINNATI POST, CINCINNATI TIMES STAR but now down to one daily in the CINCINNATI ENQUIRER. You could contact the ENQUIRER for any articles in their 'morgue' files. Last time I tried it took time as the paper staff had been sliced with the archivist only working a few days a week.

The main Cincinnati Public Library here would have sources also in microfilm. The Cincinnati Historical Society at old Union Terminal would have much but, as you know, the complex now closed for the massive renovation/restoration process. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers also maintain archives and records but getting through to them may take time as even some of our government departments also have cut personnel and budgets. Even though I was away in the military I received letters, articles on the accident. Later, when back home, Purser Bob McCann and others in the old GREENE LINE STEAMERS office of the DELTA QUEEN told me plenty. Bob told how the 'pool' dropped down fast here in the Cincinnati region this side of Markland Dam. When the 'pool' dropped down they had to rush to move the big wharfboat out from the shore to keep it from catching and hanging up. Other times over the years I've seen the river 'pool' dropped for other reasons and repairs and when it drops it drops fast. Right you are about boats tied up for a long time on either side of the dam. I'm sure our Capt. Bill Judd could fill in the blanks with information, memories, data he has. Again, what do I know?

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