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*IQ 'cruising season'/Logistics*
Steamboating colleagues:
WOW! Bob, you and Jim have made some great points on the IQ cruising season and I for sure don't know all the answers. Jim has done some great research on his end. Sure, I remember riding the IQ, seeing her tooling up and down the river back then but no knowledge of the extent of her operating season. Capt. Bill Judd may know with more memories, information. The late Virginia Bennett could nail it for us in the blink of an eye. "ISLAND QUEEN steaming speed" another question. She was one big boat with huge engines for sure. I wonder if Frank Prudent would know as his dad was on her back then? I know/remember underway, she did glide like a swan but, steel superstructure/hull, she did 'shimmy' with that certain steamboat undulation you could feel with each of her big sidewheels rolling. No, she was not a motionless boat underway. You could even feel her 'working' touching the deck railings.

Bob right on about early and late seasonal cruising and tramping. Remember, Capt. Fred Way wrote/spoke about "excursion boats in general" and the ringing of school bells. Times different then with the summer season, kids in school, family economics of the day. This why Betty Blake, as 'headman' or 'drummer' for the AVALON worked her fingers to the bone driving all over to promote/sell the cruises. She called it "grueling" but I know Betty also received a 'commission' in the end on AVALON corporate sales. She and Ernie Myers had 'words' over her commission. Jim nailed for us the IQ still working up to November. With CONEY's famed 'Moonlite Gardens' for dancing, many high school senior groups had their final year proms and dances on the boat well before even Memorial Day. Today many high schools stage senior proms early as April. Not sure about companies/corporations chartering the boat then but churches, fraternal organizations did. Any wedding parties on her another big [?] but I doubt it as 'destination weddings' only a recent phenomenon. And people did 'dress' on the IQ even for day excursions along with dress for dancing at night. Some stayed on the boat not going ashore at CONEY to dance on the return trip. The last boat at night out of CONEY had people also dancing at 'Moonlite' and running for the last boat down as they blew a number of warning whistles.

And what a sight the IQ was at night steaming up and down here with thousands of lights glinting on the dark water, sound of her big band from those speakers on the top deck. Veteran Homer Denny on her calliope. But, as written here, CONEY's Ed Schott threw in the towel after she exploded. Already after World War II into 1945, '46,'47 after gas ratoning went out, the figues on her ridership showed a decline due to suburbs, family autos etc. More people drove to CONEY or took the boat just one-way with more busses in operation, expanded big parking lots at CONEY. The handwriting was on the wall in part. IF the IQ could have survied more years a good question similar to the ADMIRAL or PRESIDENT [?]. C'mon, Bill Judd, you tell us even more. Heck, what do I know?

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