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I did some research on the IQ trips for S&D Dave (I won't attempt to spell his last name) when he ask me if the IQ ever made special trips to the Ky Derby. I could find no evidence that it did, but it was in Louisville on Derby day at least once. It stopped here northbound returning on its annual spring tramp trip headed for Cincy so it could be there for the Memorial day opening of Coney Island.
Seems like the boat would start in April head south then works its way north to Cincy. They would advertise trips to Louisville with people returning via rail (who can remember Bruce Edington when he would show up on the boat at some strange place and when asked how he got there he would shout (Bruce was deaf as a post) I CAME BY RAIL.) The boat would stop in Louisville for a week or so of trips......high school proms, Shriners, churches, etc.
After Labor Day when Coney shut down the boat would go tramping until about early November.
Here's a question I fast was the Island Queen? When she took passengers from Cincy to Louisville how long did it take.....couldn't have been much over 12 hrs., I wouldn't think, which meant she did better than 10 mph.
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