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I decided to "transfer" this discussion (as best I could) to a new thread since we had gotten pretty far afield from the original "hunt for a bell" thread which deserves its own thread.

Yes Dale, you mention school bells being the death knell for the tramping excursion boat business. Yet, excursion boats have and still do a pretty good business with school field trips. While many students view it as a "day off", some do get something out of those trips, education-wise, and they are good for excursion boats from both a fare standpoint as well as snack and souvenir sales. Did the AVALON ever run any school trips? They might have been even more successful on the ISLAND QUEEN, based in a major city with plenty of schools/students to draw from. Dale, do you recall if the IQ ever did this? Was the running commentary on sights being passed that is now popular on excursion boats used back then?
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