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Default Cruising season(s)

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*ISLAND QUEEN cruising season*
Steamboating colleagues:
Judy, good question RE: the last ISLAND QUEEN's seasonal crusing dates and I don't know the exact dates. CONEY ISLAND CO. laid the boat up in the winter just east of their wharfboat foot of Broadway, Cincinnati behind the ice piers where present day Sawyer Point Park is now. Other times at the wharfboat or, if a flood, up along Eastern Ave. I've old B/W photos showing the IQ on her first spring trips to CONEY when they were still painting the boat with the lettering on her wheelhouses only half painted.

Like the AVALON here then, the IQ was brought to life on/around early April for cleaning, repairs, painting etc. They did some tramping but the real season opened for the boat and CONEY ISLAND on Memorial Day. Fred Way wrote about the "excursion boat business going dormant when the September school bells rang." The IQ did tramp in September but I've no idea how late in the month or even to October. Capt. Bill Judd may recall. Times different then laying up a boat of that size for five to nearly six months. This today would be financial disaster. The GREENE LINE laid the DELTA QUEEN up here after Thanksgiving to when she came out for Mardi Gras, which dates could vary. This to clean, repair the boat, rest the crew--those not still on the tic to work on her. The GL learned not to run a passenger steamboat on the rivers in the winter even out of New Orleans. Well,what do I know?

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