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*IQ's roof bell/Metal Melting Point*
Steamboating colleagues:
Hi, Bob. Thanks for being 'unlazy' like me to go on line for data on "Melting Point for Metals - Celsius and Fahrenheit." Bell metal 77% copper, 23% tin forming 'bell bronze.' Accounts of silver also being cast in the furnace to "sweeten" the tone. The metal in time after cooling forms a corrosion resistant sheen called 'verdigris.' So, you're right on about 'melting temperatures.' Centuries ago [Old Russia] bells had mystcal meaning with a 'voice and a soul.'

I hit internet pulling up 'ISLAND QUEEN explosion 1947 pictures.' Anybody examining those photos of the explosion, rapidly advancing fire like a blast furnace with decks collapsing can see the boat's bell and deck sagging down until all rendered black wreckage. Other steel members of the boat also melted. John Beatty raised, slavaged the IQ hull later. The hull could have been repaired, used again with the engines relatively untouched. By then with Ed Schott at CONEY ISLAND it was all over. The last IQ was certainly some boat and anybody who saw her at any age was impressed. They'll never be another like her. Well, what do I know?

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