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*Capt. Beatty's bells*
Thanks to Capt. Bill Judd for filling us in with the VANDUZEN bell from Cincinnait and what happened to Capt. John Beatty's fine bell collection. I remember John's bells mounted on that big flatbed truck parked on his property. John mentioned he 'thought' he possibly could have the bell from the ill-fated MOSELLE that exploded here near Fulton, Cincinnati in the 1830s. I wondered about that but did examine the bell in question. Heck, how would I have known? John said he and his late father years ago were doing a job on their salvage boat along the shore where the MOSELLE had gone KERBANG! Said they dredged it up with other old junk and debris. Then again a lot of steamboats had been built and also broken up when retired along that stretch. I don't recall at the time seeing any foundry marks etc. That made me go 'Hmmmmm.' Yet, who knows? John also had relics from his salvage job on the last ISLAND QUEEN in Pittsburgh, 1947 after she blew up, burned. There were 'tubes' of coins: silver dollars, quarters, pennies etc. that had been virtually melted together from the fire in the IQ's Purser office on the boat. Capt. Beatty also nailed it that the IQ's big roof bell bell had "totally melted, ran down in the wreckage in melted globs and stringers." I gather [?] bells have a rather tender melting point as it is. Well, what do I know?

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