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*Bell looking for a home*
Steamboating colleagues:
Interesting request by Mat Dow and 'follow' from Frank Prudent. Naturally, an available bell from a boat would be first choice. Jeff Spear may know in Marietta via S&D. Capt. Bill Judd and others who 'lurk' here may have leads. I think once the word is out with a possible squib in, say, WATERWAYS JOURNAL could help. Any bells on a 'loan' basis from a museum like the Ohio River Museum in Marietta possibly a tough nut to crack once any museum accepts an item formally and legally. Any 'loaned' bell would also possibly have to be covered in insurance. An outright purchase the best route. Yet, who knows?

There's one dandy steamboat bell just around the corner here where I live from the Greene Line boat GREENWOOD now on display in the courtyard garden of a church. No way they'd let that beauty get away. The famed VERDIN bell foundry also not far away here but that would entail a new 'commission' basis order at $$$$. So sad our late Capt. John Beatty not with us as he had one great collection of old steamboat bells going way back. What ever happened to all of that a good question. Bill Judd may know. What do I know?

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