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Since I can't get to Facebook with my dial-up, I'll mention a few I know, but honestly don't know the exact dates. First there's the Big Oval Stack first put on in '47, The old kitchen stove smoke stack in the middle of the roof. name board signs on pilot house, as well as location of the doors. Calliope, not there, and then put on, base whistles to port, then to starboard, then on both ends to high in the middle, and finally base in the middle to high notes at the ends. Paddlewheel, Black, (Green?) then Red. Ventilation scoops, Stage construction. Orleans room window placements too.
Well, that's just off the top of my head. Oh, finer details; square wood deck railing posts vs round steel ones, oh and pilot house front nameboard/eagles (variations in the eagle), and of course, the horrid "Majestic" nameboard(s).
That should keep a few of you busy for a while!! Such a chart, though, would be great to help date photos and postcards! And, of course, all these details are post California!
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