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Default Delta queen visual timeline

Don Sanders has suggested several times that we should have something to document the various DQ features and when they appeared on Her Majesty. So I started a Facebook group, DELTA QUEEN VISUAL TIMELINE for any members to list their knowledge. Hopefully we'll be able to make a chronological log after a time which can be used for reference. For those of you who do not do Facebook, please feel free to post on this thread pix and years of when the features appeared.
I started the postings by listing: the blue Voyages to America banner on the Sundeck stern railing from 1973-78; the name painted on the engine room bulkhead by Lexie in 1975; the two portholes being replaced by the windows in the splashboard for the 1984 season for the new suites on the Cabin Deck where Skid Row had been.
Please add whatever you can to this attempt to record DQ history, either here or on the Facebook page.
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