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*"Premium/Market/Ship & Boat building $$*
Morning, Steamboating colleagues:
Jim, good points above linked to the new AMERICAN DUCHESS. Mr. Wagner no doubt knows/studies the "market for a boat like this" as you write. What we see here as, possibly, a "premium" for such cruises really just the norm world-wide. Any idea here that we could return to or see the days of relatively inexpensive DELTA QUEEN cruise tariffs wishful thinking. Appears our rivers here just catching up late with new cruise boat building and proposals. The photos Franz kindly posted interesting along wih those square foot cabin measurements. Yet, boat/ship companies can do wonders with digital renderings or using camera lenses to make any space on a vessel look expansive. Wonder what the cuisine offerings for meals will be on the new DUCHESS?

News in RE: cruise ship construction. Huge MITSUBISHI Industries of Japan now suddenly out of the cruise ship construction business. A contract with CARNIVAL CRUISES for two ships under the brand name of AIDA has lost $2.3 Billion in ship work due to delays, supply factors. This leaves just two big companies in this line: Italy's FANCANTIERI, Germany's MEYER WERFT with their yards, link with required subcontractors in Europe. Some new rumblings also from China to enter the big ship business. Yards in the U.S. focus on smaller class of cruise vessels. The idea is for countries to focus on what they do best. Big shipping lines, cruise ship companies comb the international shipyards for who can do the job the fastest and cheapest. And I'm certain ship yards have 'lobbyist' in one form or another extending inside various European parliaments. Many large ocean cruise ships now approaching the $1 Billion tag with an expanded hull life span with depreciation up to 40 and even 50 years. Well, what do I know?

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