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*AMERICAN DUCHESS/Spending habits*
Steamboating colleagues:
Thanks to Dan for his initial posting RE: new AMERICAN DUCHESS from AQ CO. and Franz's links. I agree with Bob above with "Wow! Just WOW!" AMERICAN QUEEN up and moving ahead. Other 'actors' also now IN the river cruise business. All remakable to those of us remembering when only the DELTA QUEEN survived carrying on the tradition. All part of the 'competitive factor' which can't be denied. If AQ Co. retains a lobbyist unknown to me but it is very legal under our system. If you can't lick 'em politcially then counter 'em with the same tactics. Steamboating never was an easy business or guaranteed investment return.

Recent publications focusing on 'Emerging River Cruise Industry' here and abroad. One writer terms it "Hassle-free travel"--well, almost. With darkening clouds in certain European and Mediterranean cruise markets with unsettled politics, war threats, people turning to cruising. Present day Baby Boomers total 77,000,000 spening $400 Billion a year for certain goods and services. May shock us with some prevailing river cruise passenger rates but if you think people don't have that money to spend then think again. In most cases with cruise boats/ships the top most expensive accommodations sell out long before those cabins descending down in order. Well, what do I know?

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