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That's right, the new name of the BETTENDORF CAPRI is AMERICAN DUCHESS, effective Sept. 27. The boat had gone down the river under its own power and its pilot had been giving the name BETTENDORF CAPRI to the locks and that is the way it was recorded. An FCC license was issued to American Duchess, Inc., P.O. Box 47150, 115 E. Market St., New Albany, Ind. When new, named LADY LUCK BETTENDORF, it was towed upstream by an Alter Barge Line towboat and had no pilothouse. The recent southbound trip was made with a little square plywood pilothouse mounted in a scissor jack that you sometimes see at a construction site. The boat was running daylight only. Its AIS unit showed a Nov. 1 ETA at Morgan City, La.
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