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*Story 'link'/Natl. Trust 'grants' procedures*
Morning, Steamboating colleagues:
Russ, you're right about asking for a "link to the story." Easy to go on your search engine to type in National Trust etc. and it should pop up with story about the "Endangered sites" etc. Other squibs appeared recently featuring a great color photo of the DQ taken by none other than Steamboats.orgs Franz Neumier.

I'm not sure but think Mike Washenko, Phil Johnson, and others directly involved, would know/remember if the DELTA QUEEN initiative has ever received any financial help via their [National Trust] grants process. My dismal understanding was their funds had been curtailed or limited--especially for marine projects. At times solid information comes in a bit 'foggy' if at all. Who knows? Again, the DQ a "private for profit enterprise outside of the public domain." Both Jo ann Schoen and Mike Washenko spoke eloquently RE: the DQ's plight at the September annual S&D of Pioneer Rivermen meeting. Who knows more on any Trust grants? Cheers!

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