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*'Vic & Victor'/Waxing DQ interior decks*
Morning, Steamboating colleagues:
Denny, your above a dandy written so clearly I could almost see/hear it. Many fail to realize that several generations have come and gone working on the DQ with stories humorous and otherwise all their own to tell. Waxing that wood deck down in the 'Orleans Room' no doubt no small job. In older days prior the DQ had NO carpeting inside at all. All interior decks by the Purser office, aft lounge, treds on the grand staircase, upper lounge etc. were all sheeted with that unmistakable brown marine linoleum or bare wood. All interior bulkheads, panels painted that then popular 'Apple Green.' Each morning early several of the crew began their work to dry sweep, damp or wet mop or intense cleaning to 'strip' the old wax off all followed with the application of wax [Not every day or you get that filmy build-up in time] and then machine buffing. And they buffed, buffed, buffed. Shore stops in good or bad weather meant dirt, mud, dust tramped in on passengers shoes--not to mention smuts from the stack and boilers. Those big fiber mats at the stage and base of the stairs helped a little. Outside decks also early each morning swept, hosed and squeeged down, railings wiped down and waxed, bulkheads cleaned, marine brass fixtures polished. On sailing day Mrs. Greene made her rounds quietly with those blue eyes flashing checking all making sure things up to snuff. Seeing a dirty hand smudge, streaked window, something out of place, she would with dignity, courtesy say, "Oh, could you see to this before the passengers do." The Greene management model was MBWA--management by walking around. ALL the crew on their toes when Mrs. Greene stepped aboard. "Shhh, look lively...striaghten comes Mrs. Greene" you would hear. Yeah, it was really fun wasn't it? All that wonderful, beautiful, old-time steamboat life so romantic with the jolly old benign captain with rosy cheeks a twinkle in his eye laughing, joking with all the passengers and crew. [!] But what do I know or saw?

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