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Performing on riverboats now for the past 18 years -- good heavens where has the time gone? -- there have been so many stories floating around about Vic Tooker. As a matter of fact, we still frequently mention his name. Apparently Vic was so committed to enhancing the guest experience that a slang phrase evolved for adapting going out on stage and "giving it your all" into going out to "Give it the Full Tooker." Laura Sable and I love the phrase and often before a show, we still will say to each other, "Let's go out and give them the Full Tooker." We still feel honored to keep alive the long tradition of steamboat entertainment that goes back to William Chapman in 1831 all the way through to Vic Tooker and so many others in the last two decades that we have been lucky enough to serve with along the rivers. I would start listing off the legends I've known (like Jazzou Jones, Bob Schad, Bob Stevens, Steve Spracklen, Mike Gentry, Tom Hook, Bobby Durham, Norman Bergen, Vic Zepeto, and so many more), but I could keep typing names for hours. What a treasure is this heritage of steamboat entertainers!
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