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Guy Tooker played the drums in the DQ band in '73, '75. Whether he also played the banjo I don't know. Vic played 13 instruments. On the record that he, Doc, Mom, and Ken Hall made around 1988, the last selection 'Saints' is a compilation, mix, whatever it is called, of Vic playing all 13 instruments. He was talented and as was stated his ego was great. His military career was not as stellar as he represented it, as we found out in his later years while working on the NATCHEZ. When he encountered severe medical issues, his military service records were needed to support his medical claims, which is when the 'discrepancies' surfaced. These fabrications did not diminish his position in the musical community in New Orleans, and thanks to Vic I met many in the 'big name' NOLA musical fraternity. Roddy and I would often go to LeMeridian Hotel for his performances with various bands in their wonderful lounge shows on Thursdays and Saturdays. Sadly that kind of musical setting is next to impossible to find in NOLA today...
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