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*Life on steamboats/OSHA/Oscillating engines*
Steamboating colleagues:
David, you got that right RE: "OSHA would have fits around such machinery" as today would Department of Labor, Dept. of Human Resources and, especially, the insurance companies. Frank and I have mentioned Louis Hunter's classic book STEAMBOATS ON THE WESTERN RIVERS. This vast in-depth study of steamboat development, technology, economic influences, human dynamics a 'must read' that in short order dissolves the prevailing concept many have of "wonderful, beautiful, romantic, colorful old-time steamboat paddlewheels flashing in the sun etc." From the get go back to the 1820s our U.S. Government began studies of river boats, commerce, conditions of crews from officers to cabin crew, deck officers, deck crew with revelations shocking. Some European immigrants who shipped out here on steamboats considered it harder work than on the ocean ships they knew with a level of 'human brutality, cruelty' soon catching the eyes of our Federal Government. Formation of the Marine Hospital system on our rivers one positive. Not very cheery topic but the truth that needs to be known. I know what I read.

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