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*Fact vs. Fiction/Stern vs. Side*
Hi, Lawrence,
WOW! That was a quick response to mine. Again, there are many others here with knowledge, experience beyond me. As in my other earlier posting on 'Stenwheelers vs. Sidewheelers/Insurance' the 'sterns' didn't come until later but on western rivers. 'Sterns' later proliferated on the California, Alaskan rivers, the sounds of the Pacific north coast. Even small so-called tugs on the Chesapeake/James River system and tributaries were sidewheelers. Consult those Civil War photos of the James River for views of the sidewheelers.

In any historical research used in fiction one must have the basics down pat with the imagination for the story line. Any editor or knowing reader will instantly pick up on an error of fact, technology or history. You know, the story about the high-and-mighty conference when the little old lady with a flowered hat from Kokomo jumps up in the back row with, "Not so fast here...the facts are..." sending chills down backs of the speakers. Experts? No, just those 'with varying levels of experience.' I think you get the idea. Keep pluggin' along and keep us posted. What do I know?

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