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Default Casino Rock Island to be NATCHEZ' baby sister

It can be told now - the CASINO ROCK ISLAND is in the tow of the CHARLIE G, headed down the Illinois River, then to Mike's in Wood River for a hull inspection. If that inspection is satisfactory, then the sale to New Orleans Steamboat will be finalized and she will head on down to the Lower Bienville Wharf to await renovations this winter. She will NOT be taking over for the NATCHEZ, but will complement her, doing special events, charters, and for me hopefully the fancy dinner trips, so that the NATCHEZ can revert to a real excursion boat in the evening too. Matt Bubba Dow and Chief Scotty Vieages are aboard for this journey. Matt is posting pix on Facebook as they go. They should be at the Peoria Lock as I type, as they got out of the marina last night and got her faced up to the barge. They got underway about 7:30 this morning. I've instructed Bubba to look for any coins I might have left on there back in the early 90s :-)
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