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*Co-sponsors/Congressional calendar/S&D weekend*
Steamboating colleagues:
Thanks to Mike and Frank for the information and work above. Also good seeing you two at last weekend's annual S&D of Pioneer Rivermen meeting in Marietta, Ohio. Great event this year with trip to Blennerhassette Island & Mansion, Saturday banquet featuring Capt. Alan Bernstein of B/B RIVERBOATS, Covington, KY, Port of Cincinnati speaking on his family history in food and restaurants moving on to founding a very successful excursion boat company. When asked "What's next?" Alan just smiled. Attandance for all was up including the Saturday banquet program. If you haven't joined S&D or re-upped do so. Mike, good words on your part RE: the DQ initiative with words also from Jo Ann Schoen. People did seem to respond but I noticed a lot of 'glassy-eyed stares' from the audience. Jo Ann's reading of Mr. Martin's message mentioned the "boat can't endure another two years."

I've again--and again--done what I can here on my end. *I did just consult my U.S. Congressional Calendar seeing that this coming Friday, September 30, 2016 is the last scheduled day before break. Cheers!

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