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The Jones Act was enacted in 1920, it is a complex law with no simple explanations. We all know of two particular boats, which were completed in 1927....therefore built under the confines of the Jones Act....which were fabricated in a foreign country (Scotland) but constructed in the US (Sacremento). My Toyota is advertised as built in America (Georgetown, Ky.) but 60% of its parts are from foreign sources. Perhaps Viking can have most of the parts fabricated in Europe then have the parts welded together in a US shipyard.......if they do that is that ship foreign or American built? Not a simple question is it?
Try buying an American made TV, ship to shore radio, radar, chartplotter, an American made light bulb, or hundreds of other parts that will go into a passenger vessel. The Rhine River boat I cruised on had Italian marble in its foryer. Something as complex as a passenger vessel, in this day and time, can not be 100% "American Made". So what's the difference between equipping the vessel with a Chinese made radar or French built prefab staterooms? I told you it was complex.
American regulations can look simple on the surface, but the devil is in the details. That's why there are so many lawyers. I can well understand how a company can run into regulatory problems. Believe me every phase of getting into the passenger boat business in the US has layers and layers of regulations.
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