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*VIKING/Jones Act/New builds*
Morning, steamboating colleagues:
Interesting, very interesting reading the article RE: VIKING including thinking on the Jones Act. I've also been receiving VIKING literature/publications here for several years. Interesting how they picked up names, addresses for this. I think I receive here on/around eight or more mailings from river and ocean cruise lines.

Speculations here interesting but don't count VIKING out as other information has been quietly circulating regarding their plans, yards already contacted to submit plans "based on the needs and rivers in the United States." Opinions, professional experience on their proposed boats have been solicited from several river people, companies here. Several U.S. Congressional representative have in the recent past addressed a number of issues contained in the Jones Act and I believe Sen. John McCain was possibly one. Time will tell and all we can do is wait. Cheers!

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