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Default Unexpected regulatory problems?

Why were these problems unexpected? Had they not read the Jones Act? Or did they just presume they could bowl over the authorities to allow them to ignore the Act? They do come in to towns very blustery and overwhelming with their promises. Local authorities, at least in Davenport, fell for it hook, line, and sinker, but thank goodness the federal level didn't, yet. As Carmen mentions, they have a company in the US organized, isn't it in L.A.? to cover being a US entity, or so they thought. I think the shipyard issue is monetary - the costs of building in the US must be substantially more than if they could build elsewhere and ship over. It does seem strange that our buddy Charles has been so intent on keeping the DQ out, yet hasn't apparently fought against the Viking incursion...could he have planned to build their ships in his yards, but maybe now is having second thoughts about the competition he'd be helping to create???? And Bob, that 11 foot draft would be a challenge in the channel up here, not just at landings (unless we continue to have season-long flooding and high water like this year).
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