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*Excursion boat "promo"/New topics*
Steamboating colleagues:
Jim, I have to agree with Bob Reynolds appeal to you to "do look for more!" The photos you've posted kicking off a discussion following a question makes my day.

Somebody mentioned at S&D this past weekend what "incredible history, stories, memories appear on" And I have to agree. One said, "Those postings like a mini steamboat history lecture." FACEBOOK fine but not the information we have here.

The boxing match on the AMERICA typical and I wonder who the PR or promo person was for the boat? Must have been a Saturday or Sunday excursion and note how people dressed then. Most to all men had hat, suits, shirts, ties on. Ladies wore suits or dresses. In earlier years there was a strict etiquette how men and women mingled on steamboats and ships of the day. Where to remain separate and where to come together. That's the way it was then and I can just remember seeing adults dressed that way on the last ISLAND QUEEN. Kids were also dressed in their best with good Sunday or "church shoes." No shorts or sloppy dress then. Keep those photos and questions coming!

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