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Default Danny Lee Found!

Danny Lee, the former onboard boat photographer for the Delta Queen has been found. I found him after a Google search. He now runs a photography business in St. George, Utah of all places! I don't know how long Danny worked for the Delta Queen, but he was aboard during the 1979 presidential cruise of Jimmy Carter and family. I was a crewmember on that cruise, and Danny took a couple of pictures of me with the President. Danny must have taken hundreds of photos during the cruise, and I've always wondered if any of them survived the ownership changes at the DQSC.

Danny advised me of his website; At the bottom of his homepage is a link to the Carter cruise on the Delta Queen. Fans of the DQ should enjoy seeing the President in familiar surroundings on the boat. There are 28 photos in all, and they give a small sample of what things were like on this unusual week-long cruise. To access the photos, you'll need the password "Carter". You can enlarge the photos to almost full-screen, and scroll through them. I don't know if Danny is selling any of these images, or not. Danny's contact information is on the website, of course, and if you need to talk to him have patience, as he's a hard guy to reach.

Denny Hamilton
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