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Default A Prediction Coming True

About 10 yrs. ago on this very forum, just after I got back from a cruise on the Rhine/Danube, I asked why not here? After all America has the best inland waterways system in the world. At that time there were only two overnight boats operating on our vast inland system. Then for a couple of years there were none until John Wagner stepped forward and purchased the AMERICA QUEEN.
My how things have changed.....Wagner's AQSBC is getting a second Mississippi River Boat.
ACL got into the market and now have 3 boats running.
The French American Line is getting started and will have a boat running soon.
The Grand Republic Steamboat Co says they are looking for a boat to operated out of the Cincinnati area.
Viking Cruise Lines, although they have delayed their entrance into the American market, still claim they will have up to 6 boats running starting in 2018.
Travel agents are saying the bookings for river cruises here in America are growing expotentially.
I guess it can happen here.
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