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Default 9-11 flag

Today is of course 9-11 and all the news has centered on that terrible day. One unusual news story told of the return of the iconic 9-11 flag made famous in that photo of the three firemen raising it on a pole amid the ruin. They had taken it off of a nearby yacht. Now that yacht had a real connection to our inland rivers.

The yacht was the STAR OF AMERICA, built and owned by Dudley Webb of Lexington, Ky. It was a star attraction at the 1990 Tall Stacks. Webb also ran the excursion vessels, Star of Cincinnati, Star of Knoxville, Star of Lexington and the Star of Jamestown.

Webb had just sold the vessel to a Shirley Dreifus of New York and on that fateful day it was moored at the World Financial Center dock.
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