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Steamboating colleagues:
WOW! Jim has plumb done it again with his photo offerings above titled "Dinning" with cabin of the GORDON C. GREENE/ANCHOR LINE 'City' boats. Quite a contrast in these two shots to say the least. The ANCHOR LINE pic shows those beautiful chairs, tables and the fine appointments of the cabin. I'd give a pretty to have one of those chairs now. ANCHOR LINE then was the ultra similar to the CUNARD or WHITE STAR LINE on the ocean.

The GORDON C. GREENE cabin shot fascinating in more ways than one showing everybody in a happy mood eating dinner [We assume dinner but could have been lunch]. BUT the real 'kicker' is the table in the foreground with the ladies seated. The one younger lady with the short hair in profile is none other than Mrs. Letha C. Greene, wife of Capt. Tom R. Greene. The little tyke to the extreme right facing but with part of his face out of view in their son Gordon C. Greene II. I can date this photo to 1935-1936 + as Gordon was in his high chair stage then. So, the GORDON was in her early days of cruise or 'trippin' business with the GREENE LINE in addition to carrying some freight. Who the other ladies at the table with Letha not known to me but I'm sure even now Jane, Tom, Gordon could recall their names. Wonder what they were having for dinner that night? Possibly that incredible GREENE LINE fried chicken or steaks or even cat fish with all the timmings and that great bread pudding. Jim. let's keep these 'steamboat forensics' rollin!

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