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*'Folding tables on GOLDEN EAGLE:
Steamboating colleagues:
Jim, good point RE: possible "folding tables" on the GOLDIE and I think you are right. I also looked sharp but see, so far, NO evidence of any sprinkler system, wall fire extinquishers. The same arrangement on the GORDON C. GREENE with tables folded up without a lot of work stowing conventional tables. The GORDON's cabin inside was also something of a tight squeeze for evening entertainment, costume parties etc. Some old movies show big Mardi Gras parties on the GORDON.

Woody Rutter, Capt. Fred Way's son-in-law, recalled vividly how the cabin stewards, maids, some kitchen help always ate their meals first and early at a long table in the rear of the GORDON's cabin before the gong sounded bringing in the general passsengers. Dining room of the huge sidewheel CINCINNATI of 1924 spacious, open with standard tables for two up to larger groups. Photos can often deceive but on the CINCINNATI there was enough room between tables you could have rolled bowling balls.

The boats with the really beautiful cabins were those of the famed ANCHOR LINE. All their tables, chairs white and gold with the anchor monogram and, when no meals in progress, were artistically arranged or angled with each other. Long tables covered with plush table covers like tapestries. Ah, those were the days considering all. Hey, what's for dinner tonight?

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