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*Opinions varied on GORDON C. GREENE*
Steamboating colleagues:
Again thanks to Jim and Frank for posting these great discussion threads with photos. This makes my day and if I don't see a new one I get pretty glum. Jim, Keith, Frank and others know a lot more about the GOLDEN EAGLE than I do and I sure wish I had 'tripped' on her just once. Noted author Clarke Firestone in Cincinnati was a fan of steamboats in addition to being a friend of the Greene family playing cards with Capt. Mary B. Greene. His books contain incredibly detailed, colorful descriptions of his 'trips' on the Greene boats and the GOLDEN EAGLE. I posted one of his descriptions of the GOLDIE on her some years ago but don't think it can be retrieved now.

Again, converting a period packet boat to a cruise boat was in many cases a stretch then. People loved the GE and the GORDON C. GREENE. Yet, the GORDON had many lacking features that would never sell in today's river tourist market. Mrs. Letha C. Greene mentions a little of this in her 'Long Live the DELTA QUEEN' and Capt. Tom Greene's 'new vision' for the GREENE LINE and his DELTA QUEEN.

I often consider what could have happened if the GREENE LINE had purchased the then still relatively new big CINCINNATI for river cruise service. This I mentioned in my article featured in the S&D REFLECTOR. The CINCINNATI issue clouded by the Great Depression, failure of the L&C LINE and her need for repairs, renovations, size, operating expenses. People often mention the CINCINNATI being just a few years older than the then new DELTA KING/DELTA QUEEN. Others in the know opine the DK/DQ possibly better built. Anyway, the possibility of the grand CINCINNAT surviving down to relatively recent years an intriguing possibility. Who knows? I know I don't know.

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