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*RE: 'Enclosed decks on GOLDIE & GCG*
Steamboating colleagues:
Frank, thanks for your keen eyes, knowledge of enclosing decks on the GOLDEN EAGLE and the GORDON C. GREENE. This arrangement fine for warm weather months up to and until the boats laid up for the winter. Even then boat owners knew they couldn't run too long into the late fall season. The GREENE LINE learned that long ago even down to when then put the DQ into service.

Question: No evidence I see but did they have any kind of steam heat on the GORDON C. GREENE once they enclosed her decks outside? As a kid my dad did drag me on the GORDON when he was doing official visits from the Cincinnati Fire Department and City Hall. I remember some things but others over my head at the time. Had I been a few years older I possibly would have been more vigilant. At least I did get aboard the GORDON in addition to seeing her steaming up and down the river here in Cincinnati. Dad used to say, "Did you hear that boat whistle go down last night? It was the GORDON C. GREENE."

Later I vividly recall on a frosty night late hearing the DELTA QUEEN blowing her last long whistle in late November ending her season until Mardi Gras. They really laid on that whistle that last night with it reverberating all over town and the hills. It was haunting and I'll never forget it. Again, what do I know?

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