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The "GOLDIE's" boiler deck was enclosed with windows so dining out on the guard could continue during the cooler months. In fact, take a close look at the stern view photo of her and you'll see how the forward part of the boiler deck was enclosed. The Eagle Packet Co. used the same scheme on the CAPE GIRARDEAU later on. The Greene Line continued with enclosing the forward boiler deck for awhile during the cooler months and, as you know, eventually enclosed the whole of the GORDON C. GREENE's boiler deck.

Word on the street is that the AQ people would like to enclose the forward texas deck to allow more passengers to have their meals at the buffet dining spot Front Porch of America. If they study old photos of the GOLDEN EAGLE and CAPE GIRARDEAU/GORDON C. GREENE and see how it was done to those fine old steamboats they could be on to something.
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