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*Yellow bug lights/GOLDEN EAGLE*
Steamboating colleagues:
Jim, great photos above of the GOLDEN EAGLE showing how it was back then. Question: What did they do serving meals on the GE when weather was cold, rainy? I do see what appears to be canvas drop cloths on the outside above the deck railing. I hope the food on the GE was darned good as to make that kind of a sell to present day travelers on a river boat would be tough. Yet, as they say, people didn't know any different and loved it. Same went for the now rather spartan to dreary accommodations on the GORDON C. GREENE. Far cry from the big, new boats today here and on European rivers. Back then a real stretch converting a packet steamboat to a cruise boat. Cabins were small on many of the night boats as that was all needed. Forget full house plumbing until years later.

So far I've come up -0- seeking history of the 'yellow insect lights.' Yet, they've been around a lot longer than we think along with the 'red bulbs.' I remember both in the military, seeing them on navy and other big commercial ocean ships. Somebody may know. Great pictures and great questions.

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