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*'Mystery photo on last ISLAND QUEEN*
Steamboating colleagues:
Well, that Jim has done it again! I'm out the door in a minute but took a long look at the above which is obviously from the last ISLAND QUEEN. Note those huge dividing steam lines leading to what is one of her incline reciprocrating engines in the rear. Until I can do a little more steamboat foresics here, I'll opine the engineer we see here in the late Ralph Horton. Yet, nothing like being wrong at the top of your voice.

Believe-it-or-not, Ralph was no kid even at the end of the IQ when she went KABOOM! Sept. 1947. I'd heard that Ralph Horton-if this is him--had a grown son who had died in an automobile accident about that time or before. Unfortunately, the real Ralph Horton later became afflicted with what we know now as Alzheimers disease leading to his leaving work in the DELTA QUEEN. I know that Capt. Bill Judd may also have knowledge or recognition of the man. The late Virginia Bennett would know in a flash. Again, what do I really think I know?

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